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We offer a strong portfolio of industry professionals with a unique combination of procurement, consulting and marketplace experience.
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About RTPS

Round Table Procurement Services (RTPS) supports and manages the acquisition of goods and services to achieve six objectives for our clients:

  • Total Cost Savings
  • Product/Service Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • End-user Satisfaction

RTPS was incorporated in 2002 and has dedicated itself exclusively to providing strategic sourcing and procurement management services to Canadian organizations since then. Round Table Procurement Services was founded on the principles of respect, accountability, partnership and credibility. Built to reflect the values of a ‘round table’ concept, RTPS fosters an inclusive and strategic business environment that strives for collaboration and co-operation.

A company built on the experiences of some of Canada’s top procurement and management service organizations, RTPS is a leader in the field of Procurement Services Providers in Canada.

Our Approach to Procurement

The Round Table Procurement Services approach to procurement is unique in several ways. We are:

  1. Broad in our view of the procurement function;
  2. Flexible in structuring our operating models and project teams to meet specific needs;
  3. Focused on managing buyer behavior, the most common obstacle to progress; and
  4. Familiar with the unique dynamics of the Canadian supply market.

Our holistic view of procurement management provides services that impact the entire procurement process.

Our expertise has been developed and confirmed through our success. Past and present clients have enjoyed a wealth of cost-saving results, including multi-million dollar spending reduction and dramatic vendor-base rationalization. Our consultants have implemented large-scale change management initiatives and redesigned entire procurement processes. Clients have included many of the largest companies in Canada, but some dramatic results have been realized by our smaller customers as well.

Why Chose RTPS?

This is our core business.
This is all we do. Our entire team is focused soley on procurement - its development, implementation and management. We develop the strategy, employ best practices and analyse industry trends to maximize savings and drive efficiencies. We focus on Procurement, so you can focus on your business.

Over the years, RTPS has developed strong relationships with key players in the buyer, supplier and technology provider markets. We can leverage these relationships to bring value and savings to our clients for a wide spectrum of spend categories.

We have your eProcurement answers.
RTPS recognizes technology as a valuable tool, and a key component, of an efficient procurement initiative. We are familair with many of the key players in the eProcurement industry, as well as the many different types of software suites they offer. Since every procurement situation is unique, RTPS works with our clients and the vendors to help them select which suite is appropriate for their specific needs.

We are extremely efficient.
The RTPS team has been involved in improving and managing many differnet types of procurement initiatives for many years, and as such, our team has evolved into a highly efficient one. We have worked with multiple entities (branches, departments, organizations) to drive improvements in the area of collaborative procurement. As a result, we have approaches, tools and templates that allow us to streamline this process.

We have a wide array of tools and skills.
Most procurement professionals are very good at the core purchasing skills – negotiation, sourcing, contracts, analysis. However, our experience has taught us that in order to maximize the effectiveness of a strategic procurement function, other skills are also necessary: communication, change management, customer service, and business strategy. The ability to draw on a larger network of resources allows RTPS to often target specific initiatives with individuals who have the required expertise in that area.

Extensive supply base knowledge.
Through our experiences in procurement, we have become familiar with the characteristics of many of the common supply industries, including valuable knowledge of many of the key players. As a result of this, they have become familiar with and developed strong business relationships with us. The advantage here is an understanding of the processes involved in dealing with these players, and how to maximize these relationships to bring our clients savings and efficiencies they weren't aware existed before.

We bring a different perspective to your company.
Sometimes, a fresh perspective is the first, most important step in developing a strong collaborative procurement relationship. While we certainly have to understand each client, as an outside entity, we do not involve ourselves in internal company politics, are not bound by historical and/or personal preferences, or hindered by "old school" thinking. We help you see the forest and the trees.

Our People

Our backgrounds vary, and include:

  • Front-line purchasing
  • Corporate procurement management
  • Category management and strategic sourcing
  • Supply Chain consulting and teaching
  • e-Marketplace development

Working individually or in a team, we deliver expertise in the following areas:

  • Category knowledge – broad and deep (office, marketing, logistics,
    facilities, services, MRO, etc)
  • Strategic sourcing – methodology, tools, process
  • Procurement process, organization, systems & management
  • On-line procurement strategies and solutions
  • Electronic content development (buyers and suppliers)
  • e-marketplaces – development and participation strategies and;
  • Change management – an often underestimated and
    under-addressed challenge, we pay particular attention to the “people”
    element of driving sustainable change.

If you think there may be an opportunity to reduce costs via procurement– or are willing to find out – we can assemble a Round Table team that can help.

Our Fees

While our professionals come with top-tier procurement and consulting backgrounds, our rates reflect our low overhead and affordable cost structure. We are a sensible alternative for those clients who don’t need to pay for big-name firms but insist on high quality talent. Let us discuss our rates with you. We are committed to a significant and immediate payback of any investment made in our services.

Round Table Procurement Services is a business services organization offering a unique combination of proven tools and customizable approaches that come together with one goal: optimizing costs related to procurement.

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