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While we can help you with any aspect of procurement, we specialize in:
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The procurement needs of the not-for-profit sector are unique. Spending tactics and cost structures are heavily scrutinized. Funder and other regulatory requirements can be strict. Staff teams are stretched and resource capacity is limited. And every dollar saved is another dollar that can be put toward a noble purpose.

RTPS specializes in helping charities and other not-for-profit and community organizations make the most out of maxed-out resources and limited funds. We add a level of rigor to the purchasing process that minimizes risk and provides the confidence that standards are being met and best practices are in place. We understand the specialized needs of this industry and are able to save organizations time, effort, stress and money, all of which can be better directed towards its mission.


The for-profit sector is not without its own challenges when it comes to procurement management. Pressures from shareholders, owners, auditors, regulators, management - not to mention simply trying to compete in today's economic environment - means that every dollar must be spent wisely.

Companies that do not manage their spending wisely are missing a critical competitive advantage. Round Table can provide you with this advantage. We will:

  • tailor a solution specific to your unique business demands
  • improve spend visibility and performance
  • increase your working capital
  • mitigate the risk from supply chain and industry regulations
  • share our spend category expertise and our pool of industry leading suppliers offering a wide variety of products and services
  • look at your supplier relationships, and how they co-exist with your internal processes
We will assess and analyse every aspect of your business to determine what areas need improvement. We then turn our attentions to designing and implementing a strategy that will help you increase your savings, improve internal processes, and ultimately, realize greater savings through a better procurement model.

Associations and Federations have a unique place in the business world. As smaller companies operating autonomously, they share the same purpose and goals. This also means sharing same or similar products and services, often without the benefit of a centralized procurement team to mange this spending.

To maximize your buying potential, and to eliminate costly overhead and repetition, the move towards a centralized purchasing core is a sure fire way to stay competitive. Sharing resources between companies that shares a vision reaps many rewards:

  • eliminate redundancies - why do something again when its already been done
  • greater numbers means greater leverage - the more you buy, the more you save
  • increased efficiencies - once cumbersome processes are streamlined and more reliable
Clients hire Round Table because they understand that standardization and high compliance can maximize savings opportunities. Single-source contracts have long been the best way to do this and this is the result we work towards. However, we also offer multi-source opportunities on an as-needed basis for product categories that simply cannot be standardized across all organizations. In this way, clients get the products and services their organizations need while continuing to receive the best possible pricing.

Allow Round Table to oversee your procurement responsibilities. By centralizing your purchasing teams (or supplementing your current team) you can reduce your current labor costs, increase buying efficiency and improve your bottom line.

No matter what your current procurement situation is, if your looking to reap the benefits of effective procurement, we fit into any scenario:

  • no procurement team? - we can save you the time and effort of establishing new resources for an initiative of this importance, while providing immediate and sustainable savings (cost reduction, spend management, supplier and contract management)
  • overburdened workload? - we can work in conjunction with your procurement team to alleviate some of the pressure
  • looking to improve your procurement function? - we can manage your non-strategic/non-core functions at the outset, while concurrently helping you develop your procurement team into a profitable, efficient part of your company.

We provide both centralized off-site and on-site labor (which still offers off-site support), project-based contracts, and full reporting capabilities.


 At a time when there is an unmatched level of scrutiny with respect to public sector spending, our clients can rest assured that the process used for Round Table contracts adheres to the latest provincial and federal guidelines and laws with respect to public procurement.

Government regulation can be tricky. It's hard to understand, its very strict, and misinterpreting it can result in lost monies or worse. Round Table can take those worries away. We know and understand the intricacies of government regulation and how to successfully navigate these dangerous waters. We can ensure you don't fall victim to some of these pitfalls:

  • conflict of interest
  • vendor non-compliance
  • intimidating bidding processes
Being careful is half the battle with the government. Our attention to detail and knowledge of governement regulation mean that you get a process that is within the guideleines, fair to you and the vendors, and beneficial to your bottom line.

Green Procurement - broadening the traditional procurement framework of best price and quality to include eco-friendly initiatives designed for organizations as well as maximize net benefits of the world around it.

Also known as Sustainable or Environmental Procurement, Green Procurement expands on the traditional "best price and best quality" definition of procurement to include the environmental impact of the product, service or contract.

There are several advantages to adopting a "Green" approach to your purchasing of products or services:

  • they utilise fewer resources, create less waste, and increase resource efficiency
  • they are designed to last longer, reducing expenditures
  • they minimise their impact on the environment from cradle to grave
  • they have less of an impact on human health
  • they can have higher safety standards.
  • if successful, they can influence production, markets, prices, available services and organisational behaviour

Round Table's "green procurement" program starts by analysing and reviewing your company's current purchasing practices and policies and comparing them to current industry trends and standards - showing you where your strengths are and where there is room to improve.


Round Table Procurement Services has a team of subject matter experts to create and conduct your RFP process. We will ensure that our clients have the appropriate vendor solution for their unique requirements. We can perform either a closed or open RFP process.

Open RFP: Multiple qualified vendors develop competitive and creative value propositions.

Closed RFP: we work collaboratively with your current preferred vendor(s) and benchmark their service offerings to the industry.

Round Table works with each client's unique requirements, customizing each step of the RFP Process and assisting the clients with the final selection of the vendor, contract negotiations and implementation process.

Round Table Procurement Services is a business services organization offering a unique combination of proven tools and customizable approaches that come together with one goal: optimizing costs related to procurement.

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