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“Personal Information” refers to information relating to an identified or identifiable individual made available in connection with an agreement or provision of goods or services between the parties.
The following provisions shall apply in the event that Round Table Procurement Services makes Personal Information available to any reliable and agreed upon third party:

1. General
Each party is responsible for complying with any obligations applying respectively to each of the parties under applicable Canadian privacy laws and regulations. Neither party will request Personal Information beyond what is necessary to fulfill the reasonable purpose(s) for which it is requested. Each party will agree in advance as to the type of Personal Information, which is required to be made available.

2. Security Safeguards
Each party acknowledges that it is solely responsible for determining and communicating to the other the appropriate technological, physical and organizational security measures required to protect Personal Information. Each party will ensure Personal Information is treated as confidential, and is protected in accordance with the security safeguards.

3. Use
Each party agrees that Personal Information will only be used, accessed, managed or otherwise processed to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was made available.

4. Access Requests
Each party agrees to cooperate with the other in connection with access requests for Personal Information. 5. Retention Each party will promptly return to the other or arrange for the secure destruction of all Personal Information which is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was made available, unless otherwise instructed by the other party or required by law.

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