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Whether you're a multinational corporation or a fledgling company, we can customize a solution that will suit your needs and fit into your budget.

Our products and services are extensive, and include:


Our Procurement Business Review is designed to find hidden costs and inefficiencies in your procurement environment. From high prices to complacent suppliers to wasteful processes, our proven methodology is designed to weed out the issues. A rigorous and objective tool, the review provides a “scorecard” of your current operation while defining – and prioritizing – the opportunities to reduce your total cost of ownership.


Whether uncovered during a Procurement Business Review or recognized on your own, there are opportunities to reduce your spending to outside parties. Our Cost Reduction processes are designed to pursue these opportunities and realize immediate profit-line improvement. Depending on the nature of the opportunities, our team will implement solutions ranging from rigorous Strategic Sourcing initiatives to Quick Hit projects.


Immediate savings capture is one thing; sustainability of those results is another. RTPS recognizes that sensible business planning mandates that investments made today must continue to drive benefits in the long term. RTPS has developed a Foundational Improvement approach that identifies and implements changes that will deliver savings well beyond the life of a single project. From process reengineering to organizational design and personnel training, our initiatives ensure that your benefits will have staying power.


For many organizations, expense – or indirect – procurement is a necessary distraction rather than a core business focus. While opportunities generally exist to reduce costs significantly, it is often difficult to justify the development of internal infrastructure to properly manage such a non-strategic function. For this reason, many companies are increasingly considering the outsourcing of non-core operations, including procurement. RTPS’s Procurement Management service can add the necessary rigor and expertise to your business without the time, effort, investment and disruption that comes with building it yourself. Benefits are immediate and significant, resources are flexible based on need, and internal effort is minimal.


Become e-enabled. Sounds like a good idea, but it can be a daunting task. There are a million products and services out there that can help increase your online presence and simplify your organizations internal processes. Round Table Procurement Services can help you chose the right one(s) for your organization.

E-Business is about much more than just having a website. With the right tools in place, it can help improve your online visibility, increase your profits and give you that competitive advantage. Round Table Procurement Services can help your organization discover the right tools needed to take to the next level. We'll help evaluate the relevance for your company, the best technology to use, the necessary administrative support and how much it will cost. We will be there for every step of the process, helping you make the right decisions for your organization by sharing our experience and partnerships with industry leading players in all aspects of e-procurement:

  • full scale procure-to-pay systems
  • negotiating and implementing a purchasing card (p-card) system
  • website and e-marketplace development
  • effective use of social media
With an appropriate plan, you can implement a winning strategy at an affordable price and maximize your opportunities for growth.

Round Table Procurement Services is a business services organization offering a unique combination of proven tools and customizable approaches that come together with one goal: optimizing costs related to procurement.

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