About the new PAOC Purchasing Hub

Powered by the procurement team at Round Table Procurement Services (RTPS), the new PAOC Purchasing Hub is designed to help PAOC member churches and organizations better manage all their purchasing needs.

It not only includes negotiated solutions from an expanded roster of pre-qualified suppliers, but also tools and expertise to support all elements of good procurement practices.

Program Elements

Preferred Suppliers

Of course, the new PAOC Purchasing Hub will continue to include competitive deals with Preferred Suppliers. Selection is conducted by Procurement experts based on a balanced set of criteria that typically include:

We are continuously sourcing and selecting new Preferred Supplier partners. Recent additions include Suppliers for the following areas:

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a repository of practical information, tools, templates and resources to help support both purchasing activities and overall operations

Content includes:

Access to Expertise / Custom Projects

We understand that not all purchasing or supplier-related needs can be addressed by the pre-negotiated deals. It is commonplace that needs or opportunities will arise that are specific to your situation.

RTPS has the experience needed to help you find your own customized solution. Most of their day-to-day work involves just that – managing purchasing requirements specific to their non-profit clients.

Let RTPS be your go-to advisor for any purchasing-related or supplier issue. They can always be reached directly at paoc.purchasing@rtps.ca. They will help you right away if they can or, if more extensive support is required, can provide a project scope of work and fee quote.

Some examples of areas that RTPS can help include:

News & Updates

As a registered user of the new Purchasing Hub online portal, our News and Updates section will keep you informed of the latest developments in the Program, supply chain news, Preferred Supplier developments, etc.

Questions? Check out our FAQs or Contact us:
PAOC at pcochrane@paoc.org or RTPS at PAOC.purchasing@rtps.ca

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