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The Procurement Strategy Decision Tree

Decisions...decisions. Not sure where to start with your latest purchasing initiative? Or how to efficiently streamline the purchasing process to optimize the outcome AND ensure transparency? Our Strategy Decision Tree can help with that.
It presents you with a few common purchasing scenarios and, based on the size of the undertaking and your desired outcome, offers you several options and highlights the best route to follow to ensure you achieve your desired result.


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Good Deal / Bad Deal ?

What is it? These quick videos can help you decide.

Good Deal/Bad Deal #1

Good Deal/Bad Deal #2

Good Deal/Bad Deal #3.

Terms to Know

Knowledge is power.

TtK #1 - Price vs. Cost

TtK #2 - Procurement vs Purchasing

TtK #3 - RFI vs RFP vs RFQ

TtK #4 - Value for Money

TtK #5 - Sole Sourcing

TtK #6 - Supplier Partner

Partnership Development

Most successful ventures start with a strong partnership.

The Pitch for Partnership Development #1

The Pitch for Partnership Development #2

The Pitch for Partnership Development #3.

Procurement Mythbusting

A video series designed to help dispell some common misconceptions about the procurement process.

Mythbusters Series Introduction

Myth #1 - I must always get three quotes

Myth #2 - RFP's don't benefit my organization beyond "checking a box".

Myth #3 - Participating in Group Buying programs means I have to sacrifice my unique preferences.

Myth #4 - I must always select the lowest price option.

Myth #5 - I must go to market every few years

Myth #6 - If I go to market, I must use an RFP

Bloopers! Always funny!

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