We are the "go-to" procurement partner for the nonprofit sector.

Our Story

David Rourke and Duane Donnelly met while working in the supply chain practice at Deloitte in Canada. The two consultants realized there was an underserved market for procurement services in Canada: organizations with sizable operating budgets that weren’t quite big enough to justify an in-house procurement team. The value proposition was even stronger when it came to nonprofit organizations. Professional procurement services could help nonprofits overcome challenges related to heavily scrutinized spending, strict regulatory requirements, internal resource constraints and precarious revenue streams.

Round Table intentionally decided to offer professional services instead of a more traditional consulting approach. This long-term, “hands-on” approach allows Round Table to maintain forward momentum of procurement initiatives, maximizing benefits for clients. As a result, Round Table is uniquely able to disseminate sector-specific learnings across a wide-variety of organizations facing similar challenges - an additional benefit that would not likely be possible otherwise

While maintaining a commitment to high professional standards, Round Table continues to evolve its practice and introduce new services so that every nonprofit may leverage our expertise and enjoy the high-impact outcomes

We save nonprofit organizations time, money, and headache.

Our Strategy

Relentless focus on professional procurement

Professional procurement is about intimately understanding what is needed and how best to get it. By focusing completely on procurement, Round Table can offer nonprofit organizations the necessary expertise to increase benefits and reduce risk associated with spending money. We focus on our core business so you can focus on yours.

Extensive experience and supplier network.

Over the years, our team has evolved into a highly capable and efficient one. We leverage our well-defined tools, templates and systems to streamline the procurement process and drive improvements. RTPS has also developed strong relationships with many key supplier and service providers. As a result, we have an intimate understanding of how best to work with these players and maximize efficiencies - often ones that clients and supplier partners weren't aware existed.

Fresh perspective and nimble operations.

As an external party, we are not bound by "the way things have always been done” and can help buyers and suppliers recognize new opportunities for win-win partnerships. As a for-profit business, we are able to quickly adapt to changes in the market, economy and nonprofit sector and create new opportunities in ways that benefit our nonprofit clients

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”

Our Team


David Rourke - Principle and co-founder


I am one of the co-founders and owners of RTPS. One of my primary responsibilities is to ensure we always meet the needs of our clients. Ultimately, my role is the same as the rest of our team: to show up everyday to do what our clients need to be done.
Truly, my favourite part of my job is helping organizations do great work. Duane and I started Round Table to help nonprofits deliver on their social missions - seeing that vision come to life has been incredibly rewarding.
When I’m not working, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. Cheering for my favourite sports teams also consumes more of my time than I’d like to admit.


Duane Donnelly - Principle and co-founder


I’m one of the co-founders and owners of Round Table (since way back in 2002!) I primarily manage partnerships, develop strategy and carry out procurement initiatives on behalf of clients. What I enjoy most about my job is delivering tangible results for clients. It’s very satisfying to help guide an organization through a complex procurement initiative that has a real impact on operations. We respect the fact that client staff have many other responsibilities so our approach is to facilitate our projects in such a way that we make the most effective use of their valuable time.
Outside of work I spend a lot of time co-managing a busy household, complete with three kids and a giant dog. I’m also kept busy organizing a gang of over-the-hill hockey players, reading for pleasure or (poorly) banging on an old guitar.


Duane Madgett


As a Procurement Associate with RTPS, my job is to act as a liaison between our clients and the vendors we support. The most rewarding part of my job is client satisfaction. It feels great to be able to help relieve some of their stress, either by helping them save money or by supporting day-to-day procurement activities.
When I'm not working, my key pursuit (outside of all things family-related) is music! I enjoy playing drums, attending live performances and discovering new artists. Second to that would be the great outdoors. Biking, hiking and hockey. (And I guess snow shovelling - but I don't enjoy that so much.)


Paul Stanford


As a Senior Consultant with RTPS my role is to support our clients by overseeing the RFP process in selecting vendors and managing relationships, as well as related day-to-day activities. Ensuring a high level of service is a big part of my role. My favourite part of my job is developing strong, healthy relationships. I take a great deal of satisfaction seeing the client’s needs being fulfilled.
When I’m not working, I try to spend time in the backcountry of our beautiful province as often as possible (while minimizing my encounters with bears and wolves, of course.) Composing music and spending time with my girlfriend and our dog are also top priority.


Amit Roy


As a Procurement Coordinator, my responsibility at Round Table is to ensure my clients receive the best service and supplies available. Client satisfaction is my top priority and I aim to build and maintain healthy working relationships built on trust.
When I'm not working, I can be found hiking (and often fishing and barbecuing as well) in the woods.


Tom Yee

OK - this is not really TOM!
(we still need that headshot Tom!)

I am responsible for Round Table’s clients in la belle province Québec. My role involves providing project based and procurement strategy support to our client base. My scope of responsibility encompasses anything from spot buys all the way to project procurement, as well as defining the procurement policies and business controls for my clientele. This often involves the challenging and rewarding task of change management to educate the employee base of the necessity of maintaining “best practice procurement”. I am often regarded as an extension of my client’s management team given my deep understanding of their needs and how best I can assist them. I leverage my wealth of experience working in a multitude of industries to better understand the needs of my clients and ensures the results attained fully meet their requirements.
My favorite part of the job is empowering my client with knowledge to more effectively manage their procurement process and thereby improve not only their cost savings but internal efficiency within their procurement process. I take great pride in a job well done and providing tangible benefits for my clients.
When I’m not at work, my life revolves around my family and sports. I am an avid cyclist and a hockey fanatic, both as a player and a fan. The Habs are my team! I also enjoy giving back to the community via various charitable events and a staunch believer of maintaining our planet for the generations to come.


Cynthia Perry


I am responsible for coordinating and supporting new projects at Round Table. My primary focus is the Ontario Nonprofit Network Purchasing Program which helps non-profit organizations by offering pre-discounted, pre-negotiated rates from our preferred suppliers.
I really enjoy the interactions I have with our nonprofit and charity representatives. They are facing ever-increasing funding pressure so it feels great when I can help them find ways to save money.
When I’m not working, I like to stay informed about Canadian and world issues and I play a variety of sports. I also volunteer my time officiating sprint canoe kayak races for children, youth and adults


Jason Chin


I am responsible for Round Table’s clients in Alberta. Whether it’s managing the RFP process or re-engineering processes and policies, I participate in the many facets of supply chain on a daily basis.
My favourite part of the job is using my skills to make a difference for nonprofit organizations. The thought that cost reductions through procurement initiatives lead to enhanced programming (instead of an executive buying another sports car) is what gets me up in the morning!
When I’m not at work, my life revolves around my children - watching, participating, and volunteering for any activities that they participate in. I also enjoy “paying it forward” in the community such as volunteering for Breakfast Clubs of Canada.


Steph Grimbly


I am responsible for Round Table’s customer engagement strategy. It’s basically a sales and marketing role but I spend more time understanding the lived experience of our target audience than I do actually marketing to them. The goal is to create more valuable (and enjoyable!) interactions between Round Table and our clients. I enjoy digging into the challenges faced by different stakeholders and designing win-win solutions. Doing this role at Round Table is even better because it means having a positive impact on the non-profit sector.
As well as playing a variety of sports recreationally, I am a member of the University Consulting Group (UCG), a pro-bono consulting group that exclusively serves nonprofit organizations.