RTPS and the Not For Profit Community

From B.C.s most western shores to the jagged coastline of Atlantic Canada, the NFP and charitable sector make up more than 15% of Canadian businesses, with a collective $240B worth of buying clout. They inhabit a unique niche within their community, and have fostered a deep connection to it. They're the ones in the trenches, confronting and combating head on, the issues that present the biggest challenges to a community and it's constituents.

As such, the needs of the not-for-profit sector are unique. Spending tactics and cost structures are heavily scrutinized, funder and other regulatory requirements can be strict. Round Table Procurement Services understands this. For 20+ years, we have helped many broader public sector (BPS) organizations embrace innovation and achieve savings and operational efficiency in their supply chain and procurement processes.

Some of the more important challenges faced by these organizations include:

We add the appropriate level of rigor to your current procurement environment that minimizes risk and provides the confidence that standards are being met and best practices are in place. We will manage your procurement functions directly, allowing you to focus on the core responsibilities of your organization.

These services include:

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