Procurement Services

Round Table offers a wide spectrum of practical procurement solutions that will help your organization achieve cost savings and realize improved operational efficiencies.

Supplier Selection capture immediate savings

There are always opportunities to reduce your spending to external parties. Our process is designed to identify and pursue these opportunities and realize immediate profit-line improvement. Our team will implement solutions ranging from rigorous strategic sourcing initiatives to quick hit projects.

RFP, RFI, RFQ support | partnership development | strategic sourcing initiative

Process Improvement and Governace: enjoy long term benefits

Sensible business planning expects investments made today will benefit the organization for years to come. We identify and implement changes that ensure the benefits achieved have staying power beyond the life of a single project or initiative.

policy and procedures | governance | supplier consolidation | supply chain consulting

Current State Analysis: know how your organization spends money

Our proven methodology reveals hidden inefficiencies in your operations, defining and prioritizing opportunities to reduce your operational spending. From high prices to wasteful processes, our clients are often surprised by our findings.

funder policy compliance (e.g BPS Directive) | supplier review | price benchmarking

Compliance Audit BPS guidelines and directives

Whether they apply to your organization or not, compliance with the Ontario Government’s Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Guideline and Directives is a stamp of excellence for Boards, donors, owners, partners and other important stakeholders. We can help you comply. Easily.

guidelines & directives | government compliance | transparency

Contract Management & Reporting: keep on top of your contracts

Let us store your supplier agreements in our Contract Management software. Receive regular reports and alerts prior to expiry dates and auto renewals, and you can access your agreements on-line any time.

contract management | cloud based | instant access

Policy Document Development protect your organization

Develop or enhance Board-ready procurement policy. Protect your organization and provide guidance to your staff with just the right level of rigor for your needs.

policy development | risk management | compliance & regulation