Frequently Asked Questions

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Managed procurement offers a wide array of benefits to organizations of every size, for every situation. It can exist as a complete soultion, where we dedicate a rep to your organization (either in our office or yours)For small to medium businesses (and in particular, non-profits and charities) that do not have the size, need or resources for an in-house procurement team, outsourcing your procurment processes will help to mitigate risk, increase your purchasing power and presence, help you maintain compliancy, and show you how to use every last dollar to its maximun potential.

For 20+ years, we have helped many broader public sector (BPS) organizations embrace innovation and achieve savings and operational efficiency in their supply chain and procurement processes. We have an unparalleled knowledge of the needs of not-for-profit and charitable organizations, we were the first to offer services targeting this community, and our experience extends across many industries and spend categories.

Now, more than two decades later, we continue to offer innovative procurement services and solutions designed specifically for your organization. This allows you to focus on ensuring your organization is a smooth-running machine.

Round Table's role in the PSP is that of developer, manager and facilitor. We developed the program for non-profits and charities to help facilitate the purchasing process by vetting the suppliers, negotiating the deals and securing and managing the contracts that make up the program's essential services. We develop and maintain the relationships with our chosen vendors and manage their connection to our clients.

We are NOT a supplier!

We do not carry inventory, process sales orders or make any type of payments on your organizations behalf (although we can find someone who can help with that!). All payments and other financial processes are carried out between you and the vendor.

Category selection is chosen by members of the Procurement Team and our clients. Typically, spend categories with a good potential for savings (and other benefits) are the first area of focus, along with those that reflect the most vital aspects of operations. Sometimes, an area where savings can be quickly realized - a "quick hit" - may often be given priority.

There is also an attempt to balance the potential impact to be spread across multiple areas of operations so that benefits are as widespread as possible.

There are several factors taken into consideration when choosing spend categories to prioritize. Typically, Preferred Suppliers are selected through a formal selection process. Selection is always conducted by Procurement experts based on a balanced set of criteria that usually include:

  • Pricing
  • Total Cost
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Availability across membership
  • An understanding of the non-profit sector
  • A proven track record of success working with similar organizations
  • Other criteria specific to the expense category

For overall efficiency, economies of scale and program co-ordination, it's ideal if we can have a single or small number of Preferred Suppliers who can service a wide area, but there is an openness to consider multiple and/or local vendors where appropriate.

Historical vendor relationships are also taken into consideration as well; we recognize previous relationships are important, so we will review them with feedback from membership.

Finally, but certainly of equal importance, is a combination of pricing and total cost. A vendor who is able to see the "larger picture" as far as an increase in potential business, and whose pricing reflects this foresight, will be given closest attention.

Along with our Preferred Supplier Program, we can manage any or all of your procurement needs. As a complete solution, you'll have a dedicated RTPS representative (working from either our office or yours) handling all your procurment requirements.

We also offer a selection of 'a-la carte' services that can help manage or enhance any of your procurement initiatives, either for important on-going processes or for those special one-off projects.

This includes:

  • RFx support
  • vendor selection
  • comprehensive data, spend and market analyses services
  • governance review and support
  • contract review, negotiation and management
  • compliance audits
  • policy development and implementation

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